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How to Understand Student Learning Styles

How to Understand Student Learning Styles

A tutor should understand students' learning styles. There are at least 3 student learning styles that must be known by a tutor, namely audio, visual, and kinesthetic.

Audio learning style allows students to prefer listening to lectures from their teachers. He tends to be quiet more easily than other learning styles. These students tend to prefer listening to music and singing it.

Visual learning style allows students to prefer learning by looking at pictures, sketches, graphs, videos, or running pictures. Students prefer to draw when learning takes place. Students will respond more quickly if an image is given by students with a visual style.

He doesn't seem to like it when the tutor only lectures.

Kinesthetic learning style allows students to prefer moving. He does not like to study where the tutor only lectures. He is easily sleepy when there is no learning that uses hand or foot movements.

Students who study kinesthetics do not like to just be silent listening to the teacher tell stories. He needs the teacher's instructions asking him to move.

Should be a tutor before teaching, he must understand the learning styles of students. Of course, combining the three in a face to face should be possible. Don't just teach the teacher to always lecture, but combine it with the teacher's ability to be able to draw on the blackboard.

If given a question, the tutor should also solve it with a pattern or picture, so that students who learn with a visual style can understand clearly.

Tentors must also design kinesthetic learning, where students learn by doing movements both in the classroom and in learning activities outside the classroom. Students by moving actively, students will be healthier.

Combining learning with visual or kinesthetic styles makes learning more student-centered. Teacher-centered learning will be reduced when the teacher designs with visual or kinesthetic learning.

Well, please tutor to practice designing learning by combining the three kinds of student learning styles above. No longer do teachers rely on lectures in class.