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Appreciating Students' Diverse Academic Abilities

 Appreciating Students' Diverse Academic Abilities by Tundung Memolo

Not every student has the same abilities. In fact, many students who take part in the tutoring program have abilities that are below average.

In general, students who want to take tutoring programs are students who have high academic abilities and low academic abilities. As for the average academic ability of students, they tend to be reluctant to add to the tutoring program.

For students who have high academic abilities, take a tutoring program to strengthen their competence and as a form of implementing a hobby. In fact, not a few who take part in the tutoring program, because they want to compete, such as participating in competitions or Olympics.

As for students who have low abilities, the tutoring program that is followed is only so that they can catch up with lessons in school. In other words, the tutoring program that is followed is only to make up for deficiencies.

Therefore, it cannot be denied that many students who take lessons come from low academic abilities. This is especially true for lessons that are not a skill or sport in nature.

So, we as tutors should appreciate their presence. Make the tutor student a person who really has to uphold his mentality. Don't let your mentality get down when you take the tutoring program.

Why should we respect tutoring students? Because they want to learn it is very good. They want to learn in order not to fall behind with their friends is an achievement. From here it is the obligation of the tutors to respect them.

Give enthusiasm and motivation to continue to want to learn, lest we forget his presence. That is, being him and not being was the same.

One form of appreciating the arrival of their tutoring is to give gifts and praise when they successfully complete a task that we give.

Remember, that those who wish to take tutoring are generally students who have academic abilities below average. By praising his abilities, it is hoped that he will have great enthusiasm. So that with the enthusiasm we give, they will become more enthusiastic about learning and their mentality towards learning will get bigger.

The last form of appreciating their arrival is to greet them with a sweet smile, don't scold him for his stupidity, or don't underestimate his abilities.

Hope it is useful.